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Feeding Your Fertility

Restore Your Vitality, Restore Your Fertility

Have you been told you have unexplained infertility?

Are you at the point of considering reproductive technology but the price tag makes your head spin?

I am here to offer an alternative---

Feeding Your Fertility is a 16 week, one on one nutrition program focused on uncovering root causes for infertility and resolving them with focused lifestyle interventions. 

Now is the time

Stop spinning your wheels trying to sort through all the confusing fertility information and get a SPECIFIC and PERSONALIZED plan. ​Feeding Your Fertility may be for you if:

  • You've been trying to conceive for at last 6 months with no luck

  • You've been told that you have unexplained infertility

  • You have irregular or heavy periods

  • You've been told you may have difficulty conceiving because of PCOS

  • You are confused with all the fertility nutrition information out there and want someone to help sort through the mud and get on a clear path to building your dream family

  • The cost of reproductive technology makes your head spin.


Feeding Your Fertility is a 16 week one on one coaching program designed to get to root causes of infertility. 

Get started now by applying to work with Kaylee. Fill out a short application to make sure we are a great fit then schedule your FREE strategy planning call.

Did You Know?

Fertility is a sign of vitality. When conception isn't happening and other potential medical causes for subfertility have been ruled out, it is time to take a closer look at underlying root causes.


In Feeding Your Fertility, we will dig for any potential causes for your subfertility including:

  • Thyroid dysregulation

  • Micronutrient deficiencies

  • Celiac disease

  • Inflammation

  • Food sensitivities

  • Gut dysbiosis

  • Poor egg quality

  • Stress (including under eating, toxin exposure, poor sleep, etc)



**Please note that while I am not a medical doctor and cannot diagnosis, I will help to support optimal nutrition function and recommend diet and lifestyle interventions to support your health based on findings of these nutrition focused tests. 




Are you ready to get your fertility back on track?

Feeding Your Fertility walks you through 5 modules designed to target common causes of impaired fertility. Along the way, we will build a customized diet, lifestyle, and supplement protocol that targets issues uncovered in our functional testing. 

Program Options and Pricing

All packages include:

  • 16 one on one virtual sessions for both partners

  • Assistance with meal planning + fertility cookbook 

  • A wearable thermometer for cycle tracking

  • 35% discount on professional supplements

  • Unlimited messaging between appointments to ensure all questions are answered

The Basics

  • What impacts egg quality and how you can fix it (plus, you'll learn how to track your cycle and interpret what this could mean for your fertility)

  • How to eat to boost your fertility

  • What lifestyle factors can help with sperm health (even if you've been told that everything for your man looks "fine")

  • How stress is killing your fertility -- AND not just emotional stresses (think body stress, environmental stress, toxic burden, etc)

  • PLUS a basic lab panel that will help to guide our nutrition choices and help you speak to your doctor about other root causes that can be addressed to boost your fertility.

One Time Investment: $2997

Four Monthly Payments: $825

**Please note that The Basics does not provide a full panel of functional testing, meaning that it is impossible to provide an individualized diet, supplement, and lifestyle plan. Information provided will be tailored as able based on lab results obtained as part of the program. 

The Signature

All of the same topics from The Basics will be covered in The Signature. With the addition of key testing to allow for more customized nutrition/ lifestyle interventions AND a custom supplement protocol. Testing includes:

  • Stool test to assess gut health

  • Micronutrient testing to target nutrients YOUR body needs

  • Hormone and cortisol testing

One Time Investment: $4499

Four Monthly Payments: $1199

Are you ready? Apply to work with me here!

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